Time is short - postpone competition?

The time since the announcement of the rules and the competition is too short - can we delay the due date?

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Unfortunately we cannot. The winners need to be - and will be - announced at the end of the RoboCup week (June 22 - 28) - based on the videos submitted - so postponing is not possible.

But we are considering to continue the collection of videos till fall and give some informal recognition then.

Hi All,

Also a bit of clarification about timing and what is released when.

We did announce in February on https://rrl.robocup.org that we would be having a competition, that it would be remotely peer-proctored through through the use of recorded video uploaded to Youtube (or similar), and that logistics-permitting we would have live runs during the competition week. That information hasn’t changed.

The update that was posted this month reflects details of the specific apparatuses that we would normally provide to the local organising committee build team and/or announce at the Team Leader Meetings at the start of the competition. Of course, because we are expecting teams to build the apparatuses prior to the RoboCup week in order to perform their runs, we release the details now, a month ahead of what would be the normal competition week.

Of course in an ideal case we would have liked to release this much earlier. It has taken this long because, in fact, we have built several versions of these apparatuses in the lab at NIST, performed competition runs with our robots, found points where it is impractical or ambiguous, and improved them. This has taken some time, especially as NIST has also been in COVID lockdown. In the process, we have been able to make the apparatus more practical. For instance, the dexterity build can now be done by one person in an afternoon, with all parts able to be transported in a small car (the original version included large sheets of OSB and required a truck or van to transport).

Having said that, I do realise that the presentation, as provided, is large and the info that teams need may be a bit hard to find if you’re reading it for the first time. I understand the forms are coming and they will provide more clarity as to what teams actually need, as compared to what is background information, but in the meantime I can try and provide some brief answers.


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