Report your advancements here!

Hi All!

As in every year, we report to the Federation any advancements made by the League and Teams. We can’t wander around the paddock talking to you this year so we were hoping you could tell us what you did and what advancements were made!

Note that because RoboCup 2020 didn’t happen, we would like you to report for the past two years.

Please reply in here. Things that you might like to include:

  • General advancements in your team and robot.
  • Innovative things you did to enable development during the pandemic, including those that will be useful once the pandemic ends.
  • Aspects of the competition that you would like to see continue.
  • Papers, demonstrations, talks, etc. about your robot, team, and related research over the past couple of years.

Of course please also include anything else you think the Federation would want to know.


  • Raymond

A reminder to please report any advancements to us by 1.30pm UTC (just before the meeting we are to report this!).

I create a brief document to report SHINOBI’s progress from 2019.
I hope you find it useful.

The document is here.

Best regards,
Tatsuya Takemori