Remote Live Telecon Best-in-Class Finals schedule!

Hi All!

For those of you who haven’t been following the Video Attestation Thread that we seem to have taken over for the Remote Live Telecon Best-in-Class Finals, the schedule has (almost) been set, and begins in less than an hour!

  • Wednesday 6th 1am-2am and 3am-5am UTC (Tuesday 5th 9pm-10pm and 11pm-1am US Eastern), Raymond proctors NuBot Rescue in up to 6 DEX runs. (Sorry about splitting the run time, I have an LOC meeting 2-3am UTC!)

  • Thursday 7th 1am-4am UTC (Wednesday 6th 9pm-12am US Eastern), Raymond proctors Nexis-R in up to 6 DEX runs.

  • Thursday 7th 10am-11am UTC (6pm-7pm Beijing time), Tetsu procturs NuBot Rescue in EXP. (UPDATED, was 1pm-2pm UTC)

  • Friday 8th 1am-3am UTC (Thursday 7th 9pm-11.00pm US Eastern), Raymond proctors NuBot Rescue and Nexis-R in MAN0 and MAN1 runs (2 each, 4 runs total, 2 hours total).

  • Saturday 9th 1am-4am UTC (Friday 8th 9pm-12am US Eastern), Raymond proctors Quix in up to 6 DEX runs.

  • Sunday 10th 12am-1am UTC (Saturday 9th 8pm-9pm US Eastern), Raymond proctors Quix in MAN0 and MAN1 runs.

(NuBot Rescue has a SIT run still to schedule, will update soon with details!)

We will use Zoom for these runs, the details are as follows:

Zoom link here.
Meeting ID: 957 9524 9554
Passcode: 354927
Find your local number: Zoom International Dial-in Numbers - Zoom

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

And we have just had our first set of runs, NuBot Rescue from China, running DEX1-5! Very impressive result with good inverse kinematics and a strong arm that was able to perform the Strength Tasks in the Work Volume with a maximum weight (at the closest setting) of 5.11 kg, and yet long enough to perform the Inspect and Extract tasks for all positions with the front of the omni 60 cm from the robot.

Great work, and we look forward to the upcoming runs in the following days!

We also have a slight change in schedule, NuBot will now run EXP from 10am-11am UTC (6pm-7pm Beijing time) on Thursday the 7th, proctored by Tetsu. I’ll update the schedule above accordingly.

And to help folks figure out what is happening when, here’s a Google Calendar link to the live schedule!

… oops of course it has just been pointed out to me that non-admins can’t post in here. Please post replies and discussions to the thread over here!