In-Person 2022 competition

This topic is a summary of information used in-person 20222 competition in Bangkok.

The admin forms are available in the link below.

July 12th, Team Leader Meeting memos

July 13th memo(2022.07.14 0:35am updated).

Wonderful Tetsu! Thank you so much for all of your work!

Also congratulations to the teams for a successful first day of competition! I’m really looking forward to seeing the performances, photos and videos!

WOW this is great… thank you for all your hard work.

Dear organizers,

Can I upload the robot photos at photo booth here?


Please upload in-person robot photo here. We have 6 in-person teams, so here is not so much clouded.

Club Capra


July 14th, Team Leader Meeting memos

In the rule book(Part 1, p.27), “Calculating the score: The admins will select the best 5 out of 6 MAN normalized scores and the 5 best normalized scores from the other tests (MOB,DEX, EXP) and summ all 10 up.” In 2022, we have 4 MAN, not 6 MAN, so, all 4 MAN + 8 best of (5DEX, 6MOB, 5EXP) are considered for scoring.(2022.07.15 9:15 revised)

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Hi All!

Wow the robots are looking really good, congratulations teams! Great work co-ordinating, Tetsu and Tom, and particularly thanks to Pump, Branesh, and the rest of the LOC staff, for all your excellent work!

For those of you who are at home and wish to watch, we have a Zoom room set up monitoring the RMRC (Junior) competition, just next to RRL! See this link. They’re running finals all day today!


  • Raymond

Team Hector Darmstadt

BART LAB Rescue Robotics


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iRAP Robot