Confirmation of the schedule of virtual competition

Dear organizers,

We will participate in online competitions this year.
I have some questions about the qualification document and summary of competition.
RoboCupRescue Robot League 2022 Qualifications
RRL 2022 Summary of Org and Logistics (

  1. Based on the summary of the competition, the deadline for TDP and video package submission is June 19th. Don’t we have other deadlines before that, such as team member registration?
    (We already submitted TPF.)

  2. There is some description about the “In-Person with Remote Fallback” option in the summary of the competition. What is the difference between Remote-only and this option?

Hi Kojima,

Thanks for your questions!

1: Team member registration is governed by the Bangkok LOC. We don’t have any information yet about the schedule there, we’ll update you when we know more.

2: “In-Person with Remote Fallback” is for teams who wish to compete in person if possible, and fall back to remote if they end up not being able to travel. This means that in addition to the remote preparations, they will also need to provide the TDP at the due date and qualify for the in-person competition. Remote-only has no qualification process because we can scale to an arbitrary number of teams so we only need to see their TDP later on, with their video package.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!



Hi, Raymond,

Thank you for your reply.

I understood that “In-Person with Remote Fallback” is a fallback option for teams who are preparing for an In-person competition at this moment.
We will prepare for a remote competition.

best regards,

Hi, Raymond,

I have other questions about Remote-only team qualification.
(please show the link if the answer is already on some website.)

  1. What kind of tasks should we demonstrate for the first video submission on Jun.14?
    Do we need to make fields in draft rules 2022?
    Also, please share the instruction on the field assembling for remote competition.
    (If you still don’t have it, last year’s document would be helpful for us, as a reference.)

  2. Do we need to prepare all the fields in the rule book for the competition in July?
    Or, do we have other regulations of fields for remote teams?

  3. Registration page is opened.
    Registration – RoboCup 2022
    should we register now? or should we do that later than Jun. 14?


My sincere apologies for not answering earlier, looks like I’m also not having unread messages flagged properly. I should look into that.

To answer your questions.

1: Field assembly instructions are coming! Sorry for the delay. We have deliberately tried to simplify the construction process to make it more feasible for remote teams to properly build the arena elements required.
2: You need to prepare the fields you plan on competing in.
3: Yes you should register, remote only teams only need a team registration. We will be sending out codes for remote-only teams (who declared via TPF) shortly. For teams who haven’t filled in a TPF, please do so!