Let me know the requirements for Remote-Only participants

Dear RoboCup Rescue organizers,

I have a question about the video submission of the remote-only participants.

Based on the previous answer and rulebook, we need to submit a video attachment with TDP for a remote online competition.
Confirmation of the schedule of virtual competition - RoboCup Rescue Robot Forum
RRL 2022 Draft Rules Pt 1 - Qualification and Competition Logistics (robocup.org)
However, there is no description of the tasks and requirements of the video package.
What kind of tasks do we need to show?
Is the regulation the same as the “Qualifying Videos” of in-person competition, described in the qualification document?
RoboCupRescue Robot League 2022 Qualifications
Or, do we need to do more tasks as same as preliminary in in-person competition?
Please share the requirements for the videos.
Also, let me know the deadline for video submission.


The idea is that remote participation is equivalent to the preliminary rounds of the in-person (and are directly comparable). So teams should build the apparatuses for the preliminary listed tests that they intend to participate in. The requirement for the video itself is as per last year (which is also the same as for qualification) - uncut quadscreen, uploaded to a timestamped video sharing site, etc…

The deadline for the video package and TDP is still Sunday June 19th, as was announced back in Feb. See https://rrl.robocup.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/RRL-2022-Summary-of-Org-and-Logistics.pdf .


  • Raymond