Video manual submission thread

Hi All!

ONLY for those of you who can’t get to Google Forms or Google Sheets, please reply in this thread, copying and pasting the following headings in their entirety and putting your answer after the colon. Please do not delete or re-order any heading, if a heading does not apply to you just leave it blank. Some of these are multiple choice with the choices shown in square brackets, your answer must be one of those choices. This is automatically merged in with everyone else’s data so if you don’t follow these instructions it may affect your video appearing in the final set.


  • Raymond

=== Copy from here ===


  • Email Address:
  • Robot configuration name (Make-Model-Configuration). This must be the same across all videos that you want to count for this robot. :
  • Which test did you perform? [Dexterity | Autonomous Mobility | Search | Exploration and Mapping] :
  • Test trial number. Note that this is per test and position. Basically the number of times you’ve tried this exact test. :
  • Date that the test was performed (YYYY-MM-DD). :
  • Time that the test was performed in your timezone (HH:mm). :
  • URL for the picture-in-picture video. :
  • URL for the original video of the OCU (optional). :
  • URLs for additional videos (optional). :
  • Any additional comments. :
  • Overall time taken to perform the test (HH:mm). :
  • Any relevant faults. :
  • Do you consider this a “highlight” video [Yes | No | Maybe]? :


  • Which type of dexterity task did you perform [Linear Extract and Place | Linear Inspect | Omni Extract and Place | Omni Inspect | Strength | Shoring]? :
  • Which elevation did you perform this task at? (Linear, Omni and Strength only) [0 cm | 30 cm | 60 cm | 90 cm] :
  • Which distance did you perform the task at? (Linear, Omni and Strength only) [White | Yellow | Orange | Red] :
  • Total number of tasks achieved (pipes inspected, objects removed, shoring blocks stacked, or stages of the weight moving process completed). :
  • Total number of Cs observed (inspect tasks only) :
  • Weight (strength only) in kg :


  • Which type of mobility task did you perform [ Pallet | Crates ]? :


  • Number of fiducial halves or QR codes (properly localised) in the map :
  • URL to a picture of your GeoTIFF map (with decoded QR codes overlaid as relevant). Must be publicly accessible. :


  • Number of targets fully aligned (full outer ring visible) :
  • Number of targets partially aligned (partial outer ring visible) :
  • Total number of Cs read. :