Updated Team Leader information needed

Hello RoboCuppers

If your team qualified for RoboCup Rescue 2023, please fill out the google form asap. We need to be sure that we have up to date Team Leader information. The team leader will be the ONLY one receiving the registration code/password.

Our team name is NuBot-rescue.
We have filled out the above registration information form, but we have not received the email confirmation yet. We may need to obtain the registration code/password as soon as possible to complete the registration and payment process, as the subsequent passport and visa process will cost long time.

Looking forward to your reply, thank you~

Hi and Welcome!

The registration codes were sent via email to team leaders via the contact details in the form you filled out.

See the website at Registration - participants - ROBOCUP 2023 for more info and let us know if you have any further questions!


This is BART lab rescue robot team. We also filled the registration form but not recieved the email to obtain registeration code. Could you please resent the registeration code the our team leader?
Best regard

Hi ~ Ann
I am the team leader of NuBot-rescue.
I would like to inquire about how long we will receive the register code. I filled out the form 4 days ago and did not receive any emails, so we are a bit anxious. Could you please resent the registeration code to me?
Best regard


I understand your concern. I have reached out to the organization. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly.