SHINOBI Video Attestation Submission

Hi all,
as announced in Video Attestation Process, we post a view only link to our spreadsheet including attestation result for the all other teams.
(We are not allowed to reply to the thread of the announcement.)

Our spreadsheet is available here.

Best regards,
Tatsuya Takemori

We also submit the spreadsheet for Attestation for our video.
We found that we had made a mistake in the way we calculated the scores, so it include a correction for that.

Our another spreadsheet is available here.

We also have a matter to discuss.

We watched other team’s videos and found that we had designed the field of Search/Inspect and Exploration/Mapping incorrectly.
We did not put terrains on the floor.
We mistakenly understood that all we needed to do in field design was to make visual obstacles and to keep enough distance between targets.

We believe that the mobile capability of our robot has been shown in Autonomous Mobility, and that this design error is not so important in Search/Inspect.

However, we think this field design error may not be overlooked in Exploration/Mapping.
Of course, our mapping system uses IMU to consider the orientation of the robot, so it works well even if there are terrains.
That feature is also being demonstrated successfully in Autonomous Mobility.
However, it is true that this function has not been proven in the right way in Exploration/Mapping…
If we can demonstrate them again, we would like to show that our system can generate maps with similar accuracy in the correct designed field.

From the above, we will leave it to the committee and other teams to decide on the score for the videos we have already submitted.

Best regards,
Tatsuya Takemori