Search and Inspect rail stickers

EDIT: PLEASE HOLD OFF ON BUILDING THIS JUST YET. I should have an update later today about exactly which set of stickers and design should be used.

(See the edit history if you want to see what I had written previously.)

  • Raymond

Hi All!

Sorry about the confusion! The details of the design for the search and inspect rails have been finalized.

First, here are the dimensions of the search rails. The unmarked dimensions (length of the beam overall, width/thickness, etc.) is whatever is conveniently available in your country. For instance, in the US it would be 1.5x3.5" timber with an overall length of 4’, in Australia it would be 45x90 mm timber with an overall length of 1 m.

Note that some of the buckets/tubs will be very close to the sidewalls (within 15 cm (6")), this is deliberate.

Second, here is the link to the sticker set. This should now match the rulebook and standard.

Please let us know if you have any questions!