RoboCup 2024 Rules Q&A

The following rule clarifications have been given during the recent team leader meeting on the 31.10.2023:

  • Autonomous Dexterity
    • Inside the start and end-zones, the robot can be moved freely via tele-operation
    • The manipulator arm has to be in the stowaway position when starting the autonomy
    • Dexterity tasks inside the start/end zones only require autonomous manipulation. Tasks outside these zones must be reached via autonomous navigation
    • The operator can indicate the task position and type to the robot (e.g. click on the valve in the point cloud and tell the robot to open it) while in the start/end zones
    • During autonomy, the same rules for task completion apply as for tele-operation
    • During autonomy, the operator may not interfere with the execution until the point is successfully scored. If a task requires immediate confirmation by the judge (e.g. inspection of C’s), the autonomous execution may be paused and afterwards continued by the operator. This does not apply to dexterity tasks which can be checked afterwards such as valves
  • Safe transport and storage
    • Opportunities to store valuable equipment before the setup days were requested. We will relay this to the LOC but in general the logistics partner is responsible.
  • Will the vSTING module be sold?
    • This is not planned at this time. However, open-source instructions for a complete and easy setup (hardware + software) are being worked on