Request for the stl files of the field


We found the field dimensions, but not the STL file.

Is it possible to get STL files of the fields for simulation?

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I’m not quite sure what you mean by STL files of the fields. We generally don’t have a sufficiently accurate model of the Rescue Robot League arena for simulation purposes.

Are you referring to a different league?


  • Raymond

Dear Mr. Raymond

Sorry for the lack of explanation. I refer to Robocup Rescue.

I found this page on your website about the field.

If you have a file that can be opened in CAD software like STL, step etc… , I would like to have it.

Sincerely yours,

Hello Team,

That is a guideline to build each testing arena. We provide the information related to size and quantity of woods with the procedure to assembly them. However is you need the stl file, you can draw it by solidwork or other CAD program. I hope that my information may help you.


Hi Takumi,

Just to clarify then, is your goal to have a simulation model of the exact arena that will exist in Bangkok, or do you just want representative models of the different test methods?

Note that the models we created internally were generated in Sketchup, but only with the goal of producing construction graphics and rough layouts. They will probably need significant work to turn them into something suitable for a simulation engine. For example, there is a lot of geometry in the models that are necessary to document how to build it out of timber, but aren’t relevant to a simulation engine and will need to be manually deleted.

In my experience in simulating environments, it may well be quicker to re-draw the apparatuses in a way that makes more sense for a simulation engine.




Thank you for your kind explanation.

Our goal is to get a simulation model of the exact arena that will exist in Bangkok, but since no simulation model seems to exist now, we will create our own.

Thank you again!