Questions regarding the rule


  1. Could you please clarify whether or not we have to drive backwards at all (not just in the semifinal/final session where we can make a turn at the end of the path and continue to drive forward)? We were a little bit uncertain from the last meeting.

  2. was the lastest version of the rule finalized? Will there still be changes? When will the finalized version be published?

  3. Could you please clarify the open stage - how it is going to be, how will it be organized, what the structure of the event will be like (are we presenting on stage with a presentation slide or just showing or will there be tasks)? How long will each team have?


  1. In the team leader meeting it was clarified that driving in reverse is no longer required.

  2. It is not planned to update the rule document at this point.

  3. The open stage will be part of the regular 30 min time slot that you use for the technology challenge. Please tell us beforehand, what you want to show and together we can prepare the arena accordingly, e.g. add additional obstacles or objects to manipulate. Please have an additional member of your team present to explain what is happening and what you are showing. Please be prepared to share your operator screen via HDMI on a monitor. A separate presentation with slides is not required.

I hope this answers your questions.

Best regards,