Questions about the fields of EXP 4 and EXP 5


I’m Wenbang Deng from team NuBot-rescue. We are curious about the fields of EXP 4 and EXP 5 in 2022. It would be great if there are related photos to show how they looked like and/or data to depict the shapes of the obstacles, so that we can evaluate the possibility of accomplishing these tasks. Thanks!

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Wenbang Deng

unfortunately, I do not have photos or videos from the setup in 2022.

However, here is a photo of the EXP4 arena at the german open:

The arena at the championship is usually quite similar to this, though shape of the track and height of the stones can vary. The goal is to go from start to end zone without falling off. Only fully autonomous operation is permitted.

In this video, you can see EXP5 at the german open 2018: RCGO2018: EXP5 Avoid/Traverse Obstacles (External View) - YouTube

Usually, the arena has some elevation changes and small obstacles. Again, only autonomous operation is allowed. In 2022, the same stone track as for EXP4 had been used with added obstacles like a chair.

I hope, you find this information useful.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks a lot for your information! It is quite vivid and useful. I think it is enough for us to evaluate the difficulty of these tasks.

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Wenbang Deng