Mobility Task Pallet Sizes

Hello everyone,
we are facing another issue regarding the mobility arena. As previously mentioned, we built our arena using EUR-pallets instead of the US pallets shown in the construction manual (p.76) due to availability.
US pallets have a width of 44-48 in (110-120 cm), EUR pallets have a width of 30 in (80 cm). This makes our setup much more challenging.

Are we allowed to use two EUR pallets for one US pallet? This would give us the desired width of 48 in (120 cm), but a length of 60 in (160 cm). The increased length should not make the task easier because only travel distance is increased.

Hi Martin,

I think an increased length as you describe is fine. The difference is an extra 40 cm of length, as you say it doesn’t exactly help you.

Note my previous comment about the orientation of the slats - the goal isn’t that they contribute to the mobility challenge by trapping your tracks. The mobility challenge is in the step and the path.


  • Raymond