Mobility Arena Pallet Coverage

We built the mobility arena with EUR-pallets instead of the US pallets shown in the construction manual (slide 76). In contrast to US pallets, EUR-pallets have larger gaps in-between the planks. This significantly increases the difficulty of the task as flippers can easily get stuck between the planks.
In order to provide comparable difficulty among different worldwide norms, we would like to cover the pallets with wooden panels. Are we allowed to do that?
This does not simplify the intended challenge of the task but would provide equal chances among different pallet norms.

Attached two images to further visualize the issue.

Hi Kevin,

Yes please cover the pallets. This was not an intended ‘failure mode’ of the test (in fact you’ll see that in the diagram on page 76 the pallets can be arranged in either direction, if placed at 90 degrees this problem also goes away - I realise this is a bit more difficult if you don’t have square pallets).


  • Raymond