Magnet specifications for the polarity test

The new readiness test now includes the following task:

“Magnet polarity: Operator demonstrates the detection of a bar magnet, placed 2.5 cm
(1”) down the dexterity post, as the robot moves its sensor close to it, and shows the
polarity of the end closest to the robot.”

In order to prepare the task before the competition, could you please provide a data sheet of the magnets used for the test?

Oops sorry for taking so long to reply, had some issues with forum notifications not coming up.

The magnets we used in the reference implementation are rated at 10 kg (22 lb) of holding force against a horizontal steel surface - see for an example. Given the rapid fall-off in magnetic field strength, we haven’t seen a tremendous amount of variation between those and, say, reasonably strong fridge magnets (the type with the metal clip on them that you use to hold your grocery list or takeaway menu to the fridge), which aren’t as strong but are a bit bigger so as long as your system works with a reasonably strong fridge magnet you should be fine.



Hi Raymond,
thanks for the information.