IMPORTANT - Who is still waiting for registration/visa letters?

Hi All,

It’s looking like some teams still haven’t received registration codes and/or visa letters.

Can any team that is still waiting for documentation please reply here, even if you have (or think you have) already emailed us, so we can chase it up. If you’re not comfortable sending details, please at least let us know you are waiting and that you will email us separately ( ), that way we know if we don’t get your email, we know to chase it up.

Again sorry about the delays and confusion.

  • Raymond

Oh you can also message me through this forum system if, for whatever reason, you have reason to believe that emails aren’t getting through. (Click on my icon and then “Message”.)

Hi Prof Raymon.
Im from BART LAB. Some of us still not recieve the invitation letter. We will sent name and other requirement detail through thank you.

Hi All,

It has been brought to our attention that because of a configuration issue, a lot of email servers are flagging emails from Cvent as spam. Which is a problem because the registration confirmation (and I think the visa letters) come via Cvent.

I know it’s a bit of a longshot but if you’re still waiting for emails, please check your spam folder just in case it’s in there.

I’m continuing to push from my end as hard as I can but unfortunately I don’t have access to the relevant systems (and the visa letters need to come from the French side in any case). I’ll let folks know when I hear more.


  • Raymond

Hi All!

We have just been informed that, as far as the LOC can tell, all requested visa letters have now been sent. Note that it’s possible that the letter came from ly (dot) olivier (at) or ornella-roxane (dot) owoundi-bilounga (at)

Please let us know if you are still waiting.



Hi Prof Sheh
Sorry tho bother you again. I’m from BART LAB. We already sent other request as Prof Sammut ask to on lasat friday. And now no one recieve the invitation letter. We already check in spam mail and not found anything. We have to submit the visa application in 2 June. Please take care of it.
Best regard