Highlight Videos!

Hi All!

I have collated all of the videos that teams marked as “Highlights” and combined them with a list that Ann has produced of videos that she also considers highlights, I figured we should put them all in one place so you can have a look!

Note that I’m sure there are many more videos that are worth highlighting … some teams elected not to nominate highlights and I’m sure different teams might have had different thoughts as to if their performance was worth highlighting. If you like, please reply in this thread with links (and descriptions of) videos that you also consider highlights!

SHINOBI Autonomous Mobility
SHINOBI Autonomous Mobility
SHINOBI Dexterity Linear Extract and Place 120 Orange
SHINOBI Dexterity Linear Inspect 90 cm (3 ft) Orange
SHINOBI Dexterity Omni Extract and Place 120 Yellow
Hector Dexterity Omni extract h90 r0-30
SHINOBI Dexterity Omni Inspect 60 cm (2 ft) Yellow
SHINOBI Dexterity Omni Touch/Insert Tool 0 cm (0 ft) White
SHINOBI Dexterity Omni Touch/Insert Tool 120 Yellow
SHINOBI Dexterity Strength 90 cm (3 ft) White
Hector Dexterity Weight h90 r30-60
SHINOBI Dexterity-Linear_Insert_Tool-Downward Orange 120cm
SHINOBI Dexterity-Shoring-x-10Points-Base–Trial1
Nubot Exploration and Mapping
Nutec-R Manipulation Extract
Robit Insert
BSM Inspect
Hector Mapping
NITRo Spiral


  • Raymond

We have also just received some highlight videos from one of our junior Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge teams! S.A.R.T. from Australia did several of the 60 cm scale tests.

Hi Raymond, thanks for sharing this amazing list of highlight videos, and for your invitation to join the page! These highlight videos bring to mind another event the group may also be interested in joining, considering so many teams have created great highlights already.

I’d like to invite everyone here to join one of ROBOTIS’ first giveaway events on our new forum page, here: https://community.robotis.us/t/my-favorite-robot-video-sharing-contest-win-250-store-credit/326

If any members are interested in joining our giveaway, you can win $250 in state of the art educational robot kits or professional robot hardware! ROBOTIS is hosting our first-ever “My Favorite Robot” online sharing event- visit our new community page to share a video and description of your favorite robot to the linked forum thread- from professional to pet project, any robot you can think of can qualify.

Post your favorite robot, and share your post with friends and family so they can “like” your post- the post with the most likes will win First Prize of $250 to spend at our robotis.us online shop! More information and some example posts can be found in the thread linked above and here.

Let me know if anyone has any questions!