Final Team Leader Meeting!

Hi All!

So we’re done with the competition! Congratulations to everyone who participated, regardless of if you were able to reach the final, or even able to submit the videos you wanted to. The pandemic has affected teams differently so the playing field is particularly uneven this year. We definitely recognise the incredible effort all of you have gone to in order to continue your RoboCup activities.

In keeping with tradition, we will hold the final team leader meeting prior to the award ceremony. Here we will announce the winners, summarise the competition, and discuss where we go from here. We will then attend the award ceremony virtually as a group to support the teams.

The meeting will be held on Monday at 11am UTC. Note that this is one hour prior to our usual time as the award ceremony starts on Monday at noon UTC. It will be in our usual Zoom room.

The following award ceremony will be held on the Underline-hosted Main Stage, note that you will require a login.

See you all then!


  • Raymond