Final Awards Announced!

Hi All!

The RoboCup World Championship is done for another year! What an extraordinary year, all of you did really well to overcome the challenges of this year, regardless of your performance or even if you fielded a robot.

In recognition of the fact that the pandemic created a very unlevel playing field this year, we only allocated Best-in-Class awards.

Congratulations to all of these teams!

Major Rescue:

  • Best in Class Dexterity : Hector Darmstadt - DRZ
  • Best in Class Autonomous Mobility : SHINOBI
  • Best in Class Search and Inspect : SHINOBI
  • Best in Class Exploration & Mapping : Hector Darmstadt
  • Best in Class Exploration & Mapping : NuBot-rescue
  • Aerial Operator : NITro
  • 60 cm Scale : S.A.R.T.


  • Open Source and Innovation Award : S.A.R.T.
  • Dexterity : iHammerGo!
  • Sensor Test : Mechatronics Rescue Team
  • Mobility/Maneuvering : S.A.R.T.
  • Exploration/Mobile Sensing : S.A.R.T.
  • Video Presentation : S.A.R.T.

Also a reminder, if you haven’t already please upload an image of your team (can be a composite if you can’t all get together) to this thread! We would like to assemble these into one big image, in lieu of our usual League Photo.

Also, can each of the awarded teams please doublecheck the following team and institution names that we have on the record for you, to make sure that spelling and capitalisation is correct. We need your answer by midnight UTC on Tuesday for the corrections to make it in time for trophies and certificates!

Note that we should be able to handle some extended characters (accents, etc.) if you want to add those.

  • Hector Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt)
  • Hector Darmstadt - DRZ (TU Darmstadt)
  • iHammerGo! (iHammerGo! & Hefei Youth Science and Technology Innovation Education Association)
  • Mechatronics Rescue Team (School Centre Celje)
  • NITro (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  • NuBot-rescue (National University of Defense Technology)
  • S.A.R.T. (St Francis Xavier College)
  • SHINOBI (Kyoto University)


  • Raymond