About Team Registration Code and Video Participation

Hello everyone, I am a member of ITU RAKE team from Turkey.
Firstly, we still didn’t receive our Registration code despite having filled the form multiple times and having sent two mails (@April 12th and 20th and 27th). The additional e-mail adress that we’ve provided didn’t receive any mails too. We are still waiting for the registration code in order to appy to visa, and unfortunately we are lagging behind because of this situation.
Other than that, we would like to know if video participation(online) is possible this year as we have spent considerable time and money participating in earthquake relief efforts in our country.
Lastly, if video participation is not possible, do we have clear information about participation fees? After searching through the forum and the website, we’ve seen the fee for last year was 380 dollars for member, is this fee up to date or are there any changes?
Thank you in advance


Really sorry to hear that you still have not received your registration code.

According to our records, we sent the code to your team leader’s email address as listed in your TPF (el**.ka******02@hotmail.com - some characters replaced here to prevent spambots) on the 14th of April. Is this still the correct email address for your team? If not please email us ( rescue.robot.league@nist.gov ) and we can make arrangements.

I also can’t find any emails from you on the 12th, 20th, or 27th. If you are sending emails to rescue.robot.league@nist.gov , they aren’t getting through, if this is the case please reply here and we can figure out an alternative. (If you’re emailing april_robocup@gmail.com directly, be aware that this is an old address, please switch to rescue.robot.league@nist.gov and office@robocup.org .)

Unfortunately there is no official video participation this year. Of course we welcome teams to share videos of their performances on the forum.


  • Raymond